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Gyms, fitness, and Health

This Week's Overview

As the coronavirus pandemic continues some places are reopening while others are seeing a rise in cases forcing them to close their businesses once again. The fitness industry is facing this at the front, many believe that gyms are the place that you are most likely to contract COVID and that fear is causing many Americans to decide they never want to return to the gym again. Many facilities have been tasked with finding new ways to keep members engaged, outside of the gym.

Top 3 News Highlights This Week

  1. The gym and fitness industry has seen a large impact in many aspects of business due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many gyms are finding that their members are hesitant to come back due to the fear of contracting COVID due to the nature of the gym.
  2. California gym moves operations outdoors when rumors of new closures surfaced. This small Mom and Pop gym moved their equipment outdoors and set up a system for members to schedule times to workout.
  3. As fitness centers across America begin to reopen their doors many wonder what is the best way to stay healthy. Experts recommend extensive cleaning inside the gym as well as when returning home.