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This Week's Overview

As some hospitals face coronavirus outbreaks in their facilities, older patients seeking non-critical care are seeking out at-home medical attention. Researchers also evaluate the impact of the coronavirus on the heart.

Top 3 News Highlights This Week

  1. After returning from a hotspot state, an asymptomatic employee at a Massachusetts hospital spread the coronavirus to dozens of other healthcare workers and patients in the facility. In response to this outbreak, employees and the facility are now required to wear masks and social distance throughout their shifts. The hospital will require employees who travel to a high-risk state to either quarantine upon their return or produce a negative test result.  
  2. The coronavirus pandemic has raised demand for home-based medical care, particularly for older patients. At a California healthcare practice, their behavioral providers have seen an increase of 180% in patient visits since the pandemic began. This practice not only emphasizes the importance of mental health but also values patients who have apprehensions about receiving medical care in a hospital or doctor's office. 
  3. Studies evaluate the damage from coronavirus on the heart, including inflammation and clotting. The majority of adults who have recovered from COVID-19 sustained some type of cardiac damage. More research is needed to determine how the virus impacts the vascular system during infection and among different age groups.