BioPrep Solutions is an established public health consulting company and commercial advocate in the realm of public health education, biological threat risk identification, preparedness, mitigation, response, stabilization, and recovery.  BioPrep utilizes top researchers and experts to support commercial distribution networks in vaccine management and distribution, testing, and contact tracing.   BioPrep supports COVID-19 by utilizing innovative, creative solutions that build education and focus on public health confidence.

Using vast experience in biodefense, public health, and infectious diseases, BioPrep can provide public health solutions for businesses, governments, and agencies. BioPrep aims to move at the pace of the COVID crisis and can rapidly launch programs that use a variety of networks, strategies, and business statuses to get contracts. 

our experts in the field  

BioPrep provides proven expertise and subject matter experts to assist you with: 

·       Covid Compliance Officers; 

·       New operating procedures; 

·       Risk assessment and mitigation;

·       Public health: outreach, messaging, education and training, Compliance management; 

·       Proposal, research, development, and contract management; 

·       Physical space redesigns and retrofitting solutions; 

·       Pandemic planning, crisis management, response and recovery; 

Our Experts in the fields of Public Health,  Pandemic Control and Prevention

  • Public Health
  • Leadership, Education & Development 
  • Covid Compliance Officers 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Pandemic Recovery
  • Global Health
  • Biological Defense
  • Infectious Disease
  • Epidemiology

Tammy rose

Co-Founder & CEO 

Matthew Rollie,


Co-Founder, Executive Director, Public Health & Strategic Initiatives

Vanessa Eddy,


Co-Founder, President + Director of
Public Health Education



Director for Public Health Research & Development 

Rosemarie Paulus, MSOD

Executive Director for Business
Outreach, Training & Leadership Development



Director for 
Public Health



Director for Public
Health Policy

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