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Bars & Restaurants

Overview this week

Restaurants and bars have continuously been noted by public health officials as dangerous locations for COVID-19 transmission. As numbers in the United States reach the highest they’ve ever been and the holiday/winter season approaches us, many states are enacting stricter COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants and bars. 

Top 3 News highlights this week

  1. Amid Coronavirus spikes, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York announced new restrictions on restaurants and bars. A new 10pm curfew will be implemented for eateries in New York. More specifically this means that businesses will have to clear customers by 10pm, but takeout and delivery services may stay open later than this. The governor also threatened shutting down indoor dining in total if these measures aren't sufficient enough to stop the spread.
  2. With numbers in the United States at a national high the Director of Michigan's Department of Health and Human Services Robert Gordon, has announced new COVID-19 restrictions. Director Robert Gordon announced that restaurants and bars will be restricted to outdoor seating, take-out, and delivery. All indoor seating will be prohibited until further notice. 
  3. Governor Tim Waltz of Minnesota announced New COVID-19 restrictions that mandates restaurants and bars restrict services to strictly take-out and delivery. This means complete closure of outdoor and indoor seating for both restaurants and bars. The Governor makes this announcement among spikes in national and state wide coronavirus cases.