Bars & Restaurants

Overview this week

Time and time again throughout the pandemic, bars and restaurants have proven to be one of the most high-risk places for virus transmission. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, many superspreading events are taking place in these locations; consequently, some local governments are placing more restrictions. 

Top 3 News highlights this week

  1. As Minnesota restaurants and bars remain closed for indoor and outdoor seating, a new law permitting to-go cocktails may help suffering businesses. Due to the ongoing rise in Coronavirus cases, Governor Tim Walz has restricted restaurants and bars to only takeout and delivery options and thus far only to-go beer and wine sales were permitted. To-go cocktails were originally prohibited due to open container laws and possible insurance liability issues. Yet, the Governor has since changed these laws as he believes it could raise sales and help businesses.
  2. Amid record numbers of Coronavirus cases in America, Metro Nashville has implemented new restrictions on bars and restaurants. Metro Public Health Department officials have implemented restrictions including a 50% limit capacity, social distancing protocols, and a 10 p.m. last call for food and drinks as well as a 11 p.m. closure.
  3. Multiple COVID-19 clusters have been linked to bars and restaurants in Honolulu, Hawaii. The state Department of Health (DOH) suspect that customers may be transmitting the virus to bartenders while they are ordering drinks. Typically customers lean over the bar or yell to put their drink orders in, a risky setting for virus transmission. As a result of these clusters, the state has recommended that if a restaurant employee tests positive, all coworkers who worked with the employee on the same shift should quarantine.