Making Public Health Public


Our belief here, at BioPrep Solutions, is that all individuals deserve equitable and convenient access to relevant public health information. Access to and availability of this information allows individuals to lead long and healthy lives in ways such as avoiding diseases and/or other health complications. As COVID-19 initially became prevalent in the world, it was recognized by many that there was a lack of public health information available for the general public. This lack of information was concerning as being educated and informed is a vital factor in ensuring the wellbeing and health of individuals. BioPrep Solutions recognizes barriers do exist in accessing, understanding, and implementing public health information. We also recognize that these barriers may affect some more than others. In regards to this, we are committed to reducing these barriers so that all may benefit from what we provide. 

As we’ve launched our campaign Making Public Health Public, we continue to be committed to providing public health information and resources for all. At Bioprep, we believe in #publichealthunfiltered therefore, we aim to provide this sought after information in an easy-to-understand and interactive way. We provide free resources such as coloring pages for young children, high quality printable educational posters, easy to understand statistical evidence, and educational guidelines for daily procedures that are readily available for what one may be looking for. For more specific industry-based information, we offer professional certification programs, custom public health standard operating procedures, monitoring services, storefront preparation as well as “The Healthy Business Pledge”.

Recently, we have found our Public Health Workshops to be highly popular among those that we work with. We currently offer free and interactive workshops on a variety of topics. Some of our workshops include Vaccine Basics, Gym Redesign, Marketing Safety Measures, Disinfection vs. Cleaning and more. Our public health experts come prepared and are excited to share their knowledge with you. Learn more about our workshops below.

Free Public health Workshops

Register for BioPrep's Free Public Health Workshops! Join our team of experts + other community members for lively, interactive public health workshops this fall! Spots are limited - register now!

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