A Quick Guide to Staying Safe While Going Out or Staying in 2021

With the coronavirus pandemic still in full swing this holiday season, it is important now more than ever to remain vigilant on how to safely celebrate with friends and family. Be sure to stay updated and educated on what eating establishments around you are in compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations as well as alternative ways to enjoy the festivities. BioPrep Solutions is dedicated to providing resources, helpful information, and guidance on what to do for the holiday season in a secure manner that reduces risk of contraction and keeping your loved ones safe! Even when dining out with friends or keeping to kid-friendly activities, we are here to provide you with methods and restaurant recommendations to help mitigate the spread of any infections. 

We want to ensure that you, your friends, family and loved ones can still have memorable experiences, while staying safe this holiday season.

Take a look at BioPrep Solutions’ top recommendations! 

Going Out Activities 

Hidden Oaks Nature Center 

7701 Royce St, Annandale, VA 22003

Located in Fairfax County, Virginia, the Hidden Oaks Nature Center is a perfect way to spend the holidays with the kids! The Nature Center is bustling with woodland trails, gardens, ponds, play areas, and live animal exhibits as well as a resource library. As a large 52-acre park, the Nature Center also leaves plenty of room for social distancing and maintaining COVID-19 regulations. 

Some fun events happening here in the New Year can be found HERE!

Ellanor C Lawrence Park 

5040 Walney Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151

The Ellanor C Lawrence Park boasts 650 acres full of wildlife exploration, hands-on activities for children, pollinator gardens, and a fascinating cultural history. This December, you can check out their special holiday events and activities in a safe manner and spend invaluable time with your loved ones this festive season! A great event going on is their Family Outdoor Exploration program, which can be customized to cater to your families specific interests. 

Some fun events happening here in the New Year can be found HERE!

If you decide to venture out to D.C., but don’t want to stay long, here are some great restaurants that offer pick up and delivery for you to take home or enjoy while viewing the sights of the nation’s capital!

Bambu Restaurant

5101 MacArthur Blvd NW

Washington, DC 20016-3315

Tel: (202)-364-3088

Available for Pickup and Delivery 

This Asian fusion restaurant is a great place to visit if looking to eat local. They have switched to entirely takeout and have been following the Districts COVID guidelines. They serve Thai, Chinese and Japanese food so there is something for everyone!

Cuba Libre Restaurant

801 9th St. NW 

Washington, DC 20001 

(202) 408-1600

Available for Pickup and Delivery 

Cuba Libre is a great option for some fun outdoor dining experience. They are having Campfire Cabins, a secluded take on outdoor seating available until January 6th. The Cabins are reserved online, equipped with a fire pit and seats 6 people. We recommend warming up with their churros con chocolate and campfire drinks like hot apple cider!

Letena Restaurant

3100 14TH ST NW, 

Washington, DC 20010

Available for Pickup and Delivery 

If you’re in the mood for authentic Ethopian food, look no further than Letena. They have an extensive farm to table selection with options for vegetarian and vegans too! Their veggie samplers and Lentil Samosas are great dishes to take home and share with your whole family.

At Home Activities 

Being away from your friends and family is not easy, especially during the holiday season. These are some ways you can connect with others through at home and virtual activities! 

Virtual game nights through Zoom is a great way to connect with your family and friends across the country. These are all games that are family friendly and are easily accessible through your computers and mobile devices! If you’re a master at Pictionary, this game is for you! is a free online Pictionary game where you can create your own party and play. It is completely free, fun and you can even custom your own words! Use this link for a fun game night of Pictionnary. (

Among Us This is a free app that is available for Apple and Android. Each person will be assigned as a crewmate or imposter. Your job is to figure out who the imposter is in your group before the imposter kills the remaining crewmates. 

Jackbox Game This is a virtual game that you can play through Zoom! It costs around $30, depending on what pack of games you choose. It comes with a variety of different games that are entertaining and easily accessible through any platform like Zoom, gaming systems, or Twitch. (

If you are looking for adult friendly ways to have fun with your friends, then you can order cocktail kits! These kits give you the exact ingredients you need to build the perfect cocktail for your evening. Video chat with your friends and make cocktails together! 

Here are some places where you can get curbside pickup or get it delivered to you! 

Columbia Room in DC 

ANXO DC (This company also delivers to 44 states across the country) 

Aslin Beer Company 

As the winter holidays continue to come and go, you may be feeling as though options to make life feel “normal” are running slim. It may feel as though it’s getting harder to keep kids entertained, activities are becoming repetitive or nothing feels new and exciting anymore. As the country continues to be challenged with the presence of this virus (COVID-19), it’s important now more than ever to remain vigilant and prioritize health, safety and wellbeing for yourself and for all. 

BioPrep Solutions is happy to provide these resources to bring excitement and safe “normalcy” to you and/or your family’s life. Our suggestions will not only aim at keeping you safe, but enjoying the experiences! We hope you find some fun to keep you connected and entertained during this time! 

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Impact of non-COVID-19 related illness treatment from the global pandemic

COVID-19 has heightened physical and mental health concerns on a global scale. The media and medical professionals emphasize the importance of staying safe from COVID-19, but many people are neglecting non-COVID-19 related health issues. Hospitals and medical clinics have been overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients, so non-COVID individuals are afraid to seek medical attention for other illnesses. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a major consequence of this pandemic has been the lack of utilization of many important medical services that people require to maintain good health (Non-COVID-19, 2020). These medical services also include urgent and emergent medical needs, which are often severe and time-sensitive. Mayo Clinic has also reported nearly 30% of people are delaying or avoiding seeking medical attention due to COVID-19 concerns (Getting safe, 2020).  

In order to combat the fear that people face when deciding whether or not to receive medical attention, many medical professionals have opted to use telehealth systems instead of face-to-face medical appointments. Telehealth appointments are proficient for many minor medical needs but cannot help in urgent situations. These appointments are mostly used for follow-up meetings, medication management, chronic disease management, lifestyle coaching, and for the sharing of test results (Smith, 2015). There are many benefits of telehealth such as lower costs, increased accessibility, and convenience (Villines, 2020). However, in situations where urgent life saving care is needed, telehealth appointments are not useful. Major burns, cuts, or pain should be directed to the nearest emergency room or urgent care for in person treatment (Villines, 2020). 

In more emergent situations, people must make the decision to receive care at an emergency room or to avoid medical attention all together. Currently, hospital emergency rooms nationwide are seeing half of the normal amount of patients that they would have seen pre-COVID (Getting safe, 2020). Additionally, about 80% of adults fear they could contract COVID-19 from an emergency room (Getting safe, 2020).  However, this fear should not prevent individuals from seeking medical attention when needed. According to a recent study, which evaluated 39 hospitals’ emergency rooms, there is no increased risk for contracting COVID-19 in an emergency room than in other public settings (Templeton, 2020).  Most emergency rooms are equipped with ventilation systems and partake in strong infection control practices to reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19 from patient to patient or among employees (Templeton, 2020).

Dr. Steven Woolf reported to the American Heart Association that “we need to assure them that the danger of not getting care is greater than the danger of getting exposed to the virus” (Precker, 2020). Not receiving crucial medical care can have a more severe negative impact on health than possibly contracting COVID-19. Hospitals, although home to the most severe COVID-19 patients, are also the cleanest and most equipt place to prevent viral spread. Typical hospital precautionary measures include routine cleaning and disinfecting, use of personal protective equipment, and expertise of medical professionals (Precker, 2020). 

A nationwide study reported 87,000 excessive deaths in a two-month period, only two thirds of which were COVID-19 related. In 14 states, more than half of the excessive deaths were due to non-COVID related deaths (Precker, 2020). While staying safe from COVID-19 is important, taking necessary steps to ensure the quality of your health is just as crucial. If you begin to feel ill, or have any other medical issue arise, call your doctor or set up a telehealth appointment for non-emergent cases. For urgent cases, do not fear the prospect of seeking medical care, even amidst a public health crisis. Medical professionals encourage individuals to seek care and treatment in order to remain safe and healthy. Promotion of this behavior can prevent urgent health problems from going unnoticed and untreated, potentially saving lives. 


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