Contracting & Outsourcing Services 

BioPrep Solutions, LLC (BioPrep) is founded by public health professionals with over 40 years of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN), biodefense, epidemiology, and infection control experience at the local, state, federal, and international levels.  Utilizing their vast experience in biodefense, public health, and infectious diseases, BioPrep provides customized public health solutions for businesses and federal, state, and local governments.  We are a true public health consulting firm, and we are available to provide subject matter experts (SMEs) to assist you with:

  • Advisory Support;
  • Risk Assessment and mitigation;
  • Public health education and training solutions for all industries and markets;
  • Proposal development/contract management, especially as related to infectious diseases, COVID-19, public health, and biothreat awareness;
  • Biosafety Level (BSL)-2 and BSL-3, vivarium, and insectary laboratory design and construction;
  • Physical space redesigns and retrofitting solutions;
  • Pandemic planning, crisis management, response and recovery; and
  • Subject matter expertise on all CBRN threats
Recognizing the expanding need for public health professionals and building upon its large business network,  BioPrep Solutions began a search in early 2020 for epidemiologists, infection control practitioners, public health experts, technical writers, trainers, and researchers.  The below list provides a sample of the expertise and leadership we have available.  In addition, BioPrep Solutions has over two dozen interns who specialize in industry and research capabilities who can assist with client needs, research, and support.  

For more information call 1-800-693-8920