Retail & Services

Overview this week

Retail businesses expand their ecommerce platforms to accommodate for safe holiday shopping. Pharmacies require storage solutions and business modifications before these businesses can begin to receive and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine.

Top 3 News Highlights This Week

  1. With less than 20% of shoppers willing to participate in Black Friday shopping in-person, brands began offering online holiday deals in October. Experts predict that ecommerce will continue growing into next year, coupled by increased retail spending since the start of the pandemic. They urge safe in-store experiences to increase consumer confidence. 
  2. Over 100 stores and restaurants were recently fined in a California county for violating COVID-19 safety protocols. The state is aiming to crack down on violations amidst a rise in cases and the looming holiday season. One of the most popular offenses was a lack of signage encouraging social distancing; this measure is cheap and easy to employ at businesses, yet many were fined thousands for failing to do so.
  3. In preparation for vaccine distribution, pharmacies must make room for vaccine and storage units. The Pfizer candidate requires storage at extremely cold temperatures, meaning these retail businesses must install special freezers on-site. While Pfizer is shipping the vaccines in temporary freezers that last up to 15 days at the optimal temperature, retailers will need to find equipment and space to deal with long-term storage.