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It is undoubtedly so that COVID-19 has affected our economy and business immensely… The hospitality industry may just be feeling the effects greater than any other. 

A cleanly shift

The industry has new, pressing concerns centering around safe, habitable environments for its staff and guests. With promising, revamped preparedness plans and new innovations of technology,  businesses can shift focus towards preventative measures. Vanessa Ogle, CEO of the hotel technology company Enseo, notes technology as the primitive ingredient of success for the hotel industry amidst a global pandemic (Business Insider, 2020). Hotels around the nation are adopting new COVID-19 precautions, such as enhanced disinfection, cleaning, sanitation, and social distancing, all while adhering to CDC guidelines. The most pressing priority begins with addressing future hotel guests’ safety and hygienic concerns from the get-go. There has been a push for the use of communicative technology outlets, such as social media, to efficiently assist future hotel go-ers by providing answers to their direct questions and further information. The industry has utilized social media communication as a recovery strategy idea that keeps everyone informed on updated safety protocols (Five Star Content Co., 2020). This type of strategy shows consumers that the hotel industry is focused on the health of its current and future guests. The result: when post-COVID tourism strikes, hotel go-ers will feel more comfortable staying at a hotel that promotes communicative transparency and loyalty to its lodgers.

Upgrading technology & services

In addition to keeping consumers informed, the industry has even gone out of its way to adopting new innovative technologies and upgraded service options. Some of these contactless features include touchless lavatories, online reservations, and contactless room service delivery (American Hotel & Lodging Association, 2020). Services are getting an upgrade as well. This includes outdoor picnic areas, solo activities, and upgraded restaurant options. Most notable of all is a flexible cancellation policy (Five Star Content Co., 2020). In addition, signage relating to best COVID-19 practices and social distancing guidelines posted throughout the hotel prepares guests from the moment they walk through the door (Five Star Content Co., 2020). Visual reminders show customers the hotel is committed to their wellbeing and limits confusion of practices.

Strategic communications

In terms of strategic brand management, the hotel industry has really stepped up its game. Most chains are offering personalized, revised experiences to increase guest satisfaction and referral, including loyalty program evaluation and implementation (Hotelivate, 2020). Some chains may even see the benefit of offering virtual tour options of hotel rooms and services to maximize social distancing practice. In addition, maximizing brand strategy requires a commitment to optimization and strategic reviews of the competition, past protocols, and current concerns (Hotel Marketing Association, 2020). Brand commitment is the main ingredient in the marketing strategy and contributes to revenue greatly. Hotels nationwide are committing to adhere to the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s “Safe Stay” campaign – an industry-wide initiative that focuses on achieving hygienic expectations and guest satisfaction. Stay Safe has updated their hotel cleaning checklist, now including enhanced protocol surrounding COVID-19 positive staff and guests. This includes routine cleaning of tools and equipment between uses and the replacement of air filters to increase maximum fresh air exchange (AHLA, 2020). In addition, nationwide there is an overwhelming commitment from the hotel industry to follow the best health and safety protocol available. Therefore, all states and major hotel chains are adhering to the American Hotel & Lodging Association recommendations. These are the beginning strides to leveling pre-lockdown and post-lockdown experiences. 

How BioPrep can help

Whatever the cost of revamping hotel standards and increasing positive, safe guest experiences, BioPrep Solutions has you covered. BioPrep is full of public health professionals with decades worth of experience devoted to transforming environments and keeping businesses in business. BioPrep is committed to cleaning up the litter of confusion and uncertainty by promoting safer practices and educating businesses on the most effective standards.


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