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Safe Eats for this Holiday Season

Can you believe the holidays are already upon us? 2020 has been a long year filled with twists and turns most of us never would never have imagined. Many of us are looking forward to time with our friends and family, however are fully aware of the consequences if we don’t take proper public health precautions. BioPrep Solutions’ public health experts have compiled a few important reminders, plus a few safe eats recommendations for you, your family, and friends to enjoy this holiday season.

As the U.S. is now averaging about 100,000 new coronavirus cases a day, we are now seeing the largest increase in infections since the lockdown began, and it is important now more than ever to maintain safety and public health regulations. Many Americans this time of year will make the yearly migration home for the holidays, and this means increased contact in public places and airports. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, indoor gatherings with friends and family is still considered a high-risk activity, and quarantining before and after making large visits would be necessary to reduce the risk of contracting the disease. 14 days is still the standard amount of time to quarantine for any group activity, with the knowledge that outdoor events are considerably safer than indoor functions and socials.

As we are now past the quarantining deadline for Thanksgiving testing is an alternative option. According to the CDC, two kinds of tests are available for COVID diagnosis. A viral test would signal current infection while an antibody test would show the results for a past infection. Currently, there are two types of viral tests: molecular tests (such as RT-PCR tests) that identify virus’ genetic material and the antigen tests that detect specific proteins in the virus. The first method to obtain the results are nasal swabs, in which an applicator is inserted into the nostrils for testing, while the second detects the saliva for any data on a positive or negative diagnosis. Both kinds will give relatively reliable results within the span of a few days for convenient and rapid diagnosis.

The pandemic is still ongoing, and there are small steps that everyone can take to prevent and minimize the spread of the coronavirus. One of which would be choosing outside dining at any restaurant or establishment. With any outdoor activity, the risk of contracting COVID-19 is significantly reduced, allowing the maintenance of healthy, disease-free environments. Although the Thanksgiving season usually involves fun, indoor activity with family, friends, and loved ones, it is far safer to consider outside seating options for the holiday to reduce the risk of spreading this disease and keeping your loved ones safe. Furthermore, it decreases the amount of contact needed to prepare for the holiday, such as grocery shopping and errand running.

Based on a randomized survey created by BioPrep Solutions’ public health experts, we are excited to highlight three restaurants in the D.C. area that have worked hard at creating the safest possible environment for their customers and employees.

  1. Clare & Don’s is a great option for restaurant dining with outdoor seating in Falls Church.

  1. Luke’s Lobster Quarter Penn is a top notch choice for a restaurant in D.C.
  2. The Red Hen is the place to go if you are looking for the safest possible takeout in D.C.

We hope you all stay healthy and safe this holiday season! Enjoy your family and friends and keep an eye out for the rest of BioPrep Solutions’ Safe Eats articles from public health experts aiming to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

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