Gyms, fitness, and Health

Overview this week

Fitness centers have been linked to an insignificant proportion of COVID-19 cases, as business owners feel exercise is crucial during this public health crisis. Some states have closed down gyms amidst a rise in cases while others have only limited capacity or encouraged compliance with safety protocols. 

Top 3 News Highlights 

  1. New York Governor Cuomo maintains that open gyms are safe for customers and involve little risk for COVID-19 transmission. Planet Fitness, a popular gym chain, has 650,000 members in NY. Of which, only 55 have been infected since the August reopening of their fitness facilities. Planet Fitness claims that none of these cases were transmitted at their gyms and agree with Cuomo's statements regarding gym safety. 
  2. Mayor Bowser's new order prohibits indoor group exercise and limits gym capacity to 50%. Yet, business owners are confused by these updated protocols and have taken various safety measures to ensure low-risk of COVID transmission. Gym owners claim there has been little spread in their facilities. 
  3. In Minnesota, gyms have been associated with COVID-19 cases far less than other events or locations, such as weddings. Business owners are arguing that due to low risk for community transmission, and due to the positive physical and mental health benefits of exercise, fitness centers should remain an essential business during the pandemic.