Office spaces & Manufacturing

Overview this week

Offices face reopening hurdles as COVID-19 cases increase nationally, yet employers enforce safe practices where people are working in-person. Manufacturing and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be just as difficult of the scientific development stage.

Top 3 News Highlights This Week

  1. Experts stress safe in-office behavior as COVID-19 cases rise. Social distancing, mask wearing, and hand sanitization should all be practiced by employees. For business owners, disinfection and limited capacity in offices is essential for reducing risk of transmission.
  2. A tech company CEO announced that employees should expect a hybrid working model, split evenly between remote and in-person work, after the pandemic. This is an example of one of the many companies that are maintaining a flexible office approach in a post-COVID era. Twitter is allowing its employees to work remotely forever, if they choose. 
  3. A public health expert from Yale published a report citing all the logistical difficulties that will come from manufacturing and distributing a COVID-19 vaccine on a global scale, due to its time sensitivity and public approval hurdles. He urges an education and communications program that can ensure vaccine safety to the public while manufacturing scales up operations.