COVID-19 Return to Work Guidance


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Have you had a COVID+ case? What do you do!? Don’t panic. We can help. Or perhaps you want to head off COVID-19 concerns? Let us help you get your business back on track and stay on track with a focus on health and safety at the workplace. Access our public health messaging and marketing experts. Yes, public health communications is a specialization! Let our experts help you connect with your employees, target market, customers, and/or clients. There is a difference between actual safety and communicating safety. Learn the basics and get continual access to the most up to date information.

Package Includes:
1-hour discussion with a public health expert.
Immediate steps to take
Assistance in finding disinfection companies; or disinfection protocols
Initial messaging guidance to your employees and customers/clients
Custom guidance to get your business back on track and notify employees of safe return to work.
1-hour discussion to review your guidance.