Public Health Forecasting and Industry-Specific Weekly Public Health Monthly Updates


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Even with a vaccine, COVID-19 is not going away any time soon. What does the future hold? At what point is it safe to stop wearing masks? When will social distancing be a thing of the past? What are the unknowns? What are the known knowns? BioPrep has developed a rolling, proprietary forecasting tool to analyze current and future public health trends, mitigation measures, pandemic psychology, vaccine distribution and acceptance, and supply chain as it relates to your specific industry to help you plan as much as possible. BioPrep utilizes the most recent, published, publicly available scientific data and peer-reviewed research and updated guidelines, BioPrep will send you important industry-specific and local health updates. We also provide helpful tips, recommendations, creative and innovative solutions, and ideas used around the world in an easy to understand summary format. All updates are industry-specific and developed by our research team at BioPrep Solutions. Includes critical notices – straight to your inbox or app. Also includes a rolling, monthly 12-18 month Infectious Disease Impact Forecast (IDIF) straight to your inbox or app.

Package Includes:
1. Infectious Disease Impact Forecast (IDIF) Calendar & Summary (Monthly) (<2Pages)
Current – 6-month projection
7-12 month projection
13-18 month projection

2. Public Health News, Science, & Trends (Weekly) (PH-NST) – Summary Report (<2 Pages)
COVID & Infectious Disease Updates
“Bottom Line Upfront” – Scientific Report Updates
Public Health & Pandemic Trends
BLUF – Industry articles & article link
Creative, Innovative solutions
Local Trends/PH Guidance

3. Critical Updates – Industry Specific Public Health Announcements – We monitor so you don’t have to! (Ex: Think Food Safety Recalls) (As needed)