Community Centers & Schools

Overview this week

As COVID-19 cases and deaths escalate, schools are adjusting their learning procedures for 2021 in order to accommodate all students and employees in the safest way possible.

Top 3 News Highlights This Week

  1. Pandemic-related school closures have robbed students of important skills that could hamper their progress unless their parents and teachers act quickly to help them catch up. Special education students and children learning English lost support from their schools and many students had no access to computers or the internet and were completely cut off from their teachers. Vulnerable population groups are experiencing this loss in education the most heavily with significantly lower test scores. Some teachers are implementing intervention to revamp lessons plans, but there is concern how test scores will affect students' confidence.  
  2. This past week, the first teenager in Dane County and Wisconsin died from complications of Covid-19. He was an 11th grader at a high school in the Madison Metropolitan School District and doctors diagnosed him with COVID-19 through post-mortem blood and toxicology tests. Wisconsin is among many states currently struggling to contain the virus' spread this fall and more than 13.9% of state residents testing for the virus have come back positive over the past seven days, according to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Only 18 states and Puerto Rico have a higher rolling positivity rate. 
  3. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida revealed changes to its education plan for the spring 2021 semester as the coronavirus pandemic continues. He announced that virtual and in-person learning options will remain available but with several changes. The governor does not support closing schools for the virus and has previously said he regrets closing campuses statewide when the pandemic first arrived in Florida. Changes regarding students struggling with online learning will occur by notifying parents of students having a difficult time with virtual learning.