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Talk with an Expert



Professional Certification Programs

    The goal of our Professional Development Certification Program is to minimize the threats presented by COVID-19 and other Public Health concerns. Our courses will help you adapt to the current climate and move forward, leveraging technology, changing footprints, and encouraging physical distancing. 

    In each of these courses, your team will learn proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures, proper use of PPE, and how to develop safety standards. You will learn how to identify symptoms COVID-19 in employees and customers, what to do if someone becomes ill, and how to schedule employees to minimize risk of spread of COVID-19. The novel coronavirus has psychological and physical effects on our communities, and BioPrep’s unique courses will prepare your organization to communicate internally and externally in the “new normal."


Monitoring services (monthly or quarterly)

Talk to a public health expert on a monthly or quarterly basis to meet the needs of your business. 


Custom Public Health – Standard Operating Procedure

BioPrep experts will evaluate your physical business needs  and business practices. We provide creative solutions to mitigate public health concerns and develop operating procedures to keep you, your employees and customers safe. This service is provided virtually or in-person. 


storefront preparation (virtual or in person)

Talk to a public health expert, in-person of virtually, to examine health preparation, follow mitigation measures, and find the best balance for your business.


BioPrep’s Healthy Business Pledge

As a business owner completing the Healthy Business Pledge Course, you are prioritizing keeping your employees and customers as safe as possible during COVID-19. By signing the Healthy Business Pledge after course completion you are committing to taking extra measures to alleviate your community's concerns as the country moves into COVID-19 reopening and recovery phases.  

By placing the Healthy Business Pledge decal in your window or on your website, you are showcasing your commitment to implement the information learned in the BioPrep Training and following local laws and regulations.

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