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Transportation & Travel

Overview this week

The travel industry is set to transform amidst a rise in COVID-19 cases and throughout the holiday season. However, with heightened travel requirements and the CDC’s announcement against Thanksgiving travel, airlines are facing decreased bookings. 

Top 3 News Highlights

  1. As the US has seen over one million COVID cases in one week, the CDC discourages Thanksgiving travel fearing it will lead to increased transmission nationwide. Thanksgiving week is typically the highest week for domestic travel, so public health experts fear there will be an uptick in air travel. 
  2. Incoming visitors to Hawaii must test negative for COVID-19 prior to departure. The upcoming travel program will enhance tourism safety amidst the holiday tourism season. 
  3. Due to a rise in COVID-19 cases, United Airlines has reported decreased bookings and increased cancellations. Airlines are neither encouraging or discouraging holiday travel at this time, and it is unclear how these decreased travel rates will trend as the holiday season approaches.