Transportation & Travel

Overview this week

Business travel continues to decline while a large portion of Americans travelled for the Thanksgiving holiday. A couple was arrested for traveling after testing positive for COVID-19, demonstrating the tightened restrictions for air travel, an industry that saw its highest traffic since the start of the pandemic

Top 3 News Highlights

  1. As businesses slash their travel budgets, allocating more resources towards virtual conferences and events, airlines respond by reducing flights between major cities. These routes, such as from New York to Chicago, were utilized in large part by corporate travelers. The limitation of these paths will also reduce availability for leisure travel. It also marks a more long-term impact on business travel that may extend even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. A couple from Hawaii were arrested for flying back from San Francisco after knowingly testing positive. At SFO airport, the couple were instructed to quarantine and not return home. After violating these restrictions, the couple was charged with reckless endangering upon their arrival in Hawaii.
  3. Only 6% more of Americans stayed home for Thanksgiving this year, indicating most did not follow CDC recommendations against holiday travel. Smartphone data indicate that nearly 60% of Americans traveled for Thanksgiving, many flying and taking public transportation. At the same time, air travel saw its highest number of customers since the start of the pandemic.